Casually Chic

The phrase “casually chic” is how I would address my style. I believe my fashion sense fits that critique. I go for the “simple yet stylish” look! Depending on your type of style, having some outfits like this thrown into your wardrobe is a must, in my opinion.

I know I have worn these white jeans in recent posts, but I can’t help it they’re my absolute favorite! This grey muscle tee is so comfy! It’s such a casual shirt that if you add a quick tie at the bottom it fits your body better and makes it look a bit more neater! This is all my opinion though, someone could hate tying their shirts because of the awful wrinkles it gives to the shirt, which is completely true, they are awful! I tend to tie a lot of my over sized shirts, I just love the look it gives off! I can’t quite describe it but it gives off that comfy/easy going look that is still fashionable. I bought this one at Brandy Melville on Newbury Street last summer! I always throw on a cute bralet underneath, today I wore a black lace one from Victoria Secret. Now for the shoes, they where love at first sight! I bought them at DSW. (Which is where I buy most of my shoes!) Before I got them I had a few similar pairs, but they were all neutral colors. I get it, we all love the nudes, blacks, whites and grays, but sometimes you need to add a pop of color! These are blush pink, which is my FAVROTIE color! When I bought them, they were on sale which is also why I loved them even more! A key tip for shoe shopping at DSW, is to always go straight to the clearance section! It’s tough, but worth it! They always have the cutest shoes on sale and for such great prices! Also if you’re not already a DSW rewards member, I suggest you sign up! I am one and it’s the best, you constantly are getting certificates mailed to your house and sent to your email, with either $5 off or $10 off, every bit helps! It’s the best thing! I highly recommend these types of shoes, I have so many pairs. I live by them! They can be worn with rompers, dresses and pants; really anything you want! I call them my “go-to shoe”! Lastly my sunglasses! I bought them yesterday and could not wait to wear them! They are from Nordstrom! They were $12, and they don’t have that cheaply-feeling to them which I love. Because buying sunglasses can be so hard! I’ve had times when I bought them and they were lopsided or half broken and they keep falling off my face. So always make sure to try them on before buying!

Happy Sunday loves xox!


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