Hello! Today I want to tell you about a trend I love! High waisted pants, I must admit that I have many pairs! They look so chic with a crop top of some sort. What is also great about them is that they are multi-seasonal, as I like to put it. Meaning you can dress them lightly in the summer and spring with sandals, or with lace up flats or heels in the fall and winter! I keep my pants out all year round because they are always an outfit option. Another plus to these pants are that they are super comfy. I usually pair together looser pants with a tighter top, and vice versa. But today was another gloomy summer day where I wanted to have a comfy look.

The high waisted denim pants are from TJMaxx! They were originally $128, and I got them on sale for $12!! I think that is absolutely mind blowing. I live at TJMaxx. In my opinion I don’t feel it is necessary to shop at name brand stores at the mall and spend your whole paycheck on one pair of pants. Especially when you can go to either TJMaxx or Marshalls and get the same thing, or even cuter things, for such a better price. This white blouse I also got at TJMaxx. It is such a simple one that can be worn with multiple different outfits. The cute brown fringe bag I borrowed from my sister’s closet. If you have a sister (older or younger) you can probably relate! We are constantly sharing clothes, or sometimes taking without asking and getting in a fight because of it! But she let me use the bag! (Thanks sis!) I love fringe, it’s such a fall trend that I have a lot of, but you can also add it in your summer wardrobe. (A key note: Usually in the beginning/mid August I stop buying Summer clothes, and begin buying fall clothes. I do this because there is only a few weeks left of summer and usually I have summer clothes that still have the tags on! So I try to wear all of the unworn clothes and teach myself to not buy any more! This bag is from Target! I know I was shocked when I found out, but I love it and it was such a good buy! I hope this grants some shopping inspiration! Xx


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