Take Me To The Beach

Happy Sunday and happy beach day to me! I’m happily spending this week up in Maine at a beach house! So heads up, many of my future posts will be beach related!

Today I wore my new comono/coverup from H&M. It was a little confusing at first considering the fact that it looks like a blanket and the only thing shaping it like that is three tries! So let’s just say when I first put it on it didn’t looked like a coverup! But I love the light feeling it gives, especially on hot days like today! I brought a few others like that, it’s always good to have a variety I say!

I like hats, but I don’t wear them often! A baseball hat here and there but this was my first Fedora hat I guess you can call it, I really don’t know how to classify it! I bought it at a store in Falmouth, Cape Cod called Bella! Which is also where I got this black Longchamp bag. Totally kidding. This is a knock off Longchamp bag, but I bet you thought it was real because it looks exactly like the originals! I could not believe it when I first found them. The originals go for about $125-$145, and I got this one for $25! And no one knows that they’re knock off. I think that this is a great buy because I personally would not buy this type of bag for that much! Overall I tried to match my outfit with a white and black theme today, even though all I did was sit at the beach. My motto is that if you have a good outfit on you’ll have a greater day!

I’ll be posting soon! Xo



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