Off The Shoulder In Style

Hello loves! I am so happy I finally got to wear these pants and share them with you! I have been waiting to wear them on this vacation because they are so beach-y looking! I got them at Lit Boutique on Newbury St, Boston. I love high waisted paints because they are so comfy and so chic! Especially this pair, they’re the lightest pair I have, which makes them even better for the summertime! 

This off the shoulder shirt is from Brandy Melville on Newbury St, Boston. I bought them the same day which led me to pair them together immediately! 

Key tip: When you find a piece of clothing that you love but are not fully sure that you have something to wear it with, while shopping look for something to pair it with! Then if you find the perfect top or bottom to go with the item you won’t feel as if the item will go to waste and just sit in your closet! But if you don’t have time to shop around and continue to look for the perfect item, go on Pinterest! I love that app! I get so many of my outfit ideas from it! You can literally type anything from the specific brand name you’re looking for, to a broad search of your favorite type of pants you like! 




5 thoughts on “Off The Shoulder In Style

  1. Jeanette Davis says:

    Nice outfit, ‘Miss Newberry Street’!! Hope you are enjoying your vacation as well as the beautiful beach-y pants. Good tip about buying outfits together—that way you don’t have to guess about styles/colors….

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