The Perfect T-Shirt Dress 

Right up there with my high waisted blue and white striped pants, this is another one of my favorite summer buys! I usually don’t go for the boxy look when buying clothes -mainly dresses- but it feels elegant. It’s also nice to change it up once in a while and wear something you usually don’t gravitate towards! This dress is perfect for strolling through town, a casual brunch or lunch or just to lounge around in! I paired it with sandles, but since the summer is now winding down, the ankle booties trend will rise! I think this was such a good purchase because a dress like this will always fit. You would rarely grow out of it because of the loose boxy fit it has. Also it can be worn to many occasions, both dressed up and down.

I bought it online at Tobi. This is the only online clothing store where I buy clothes confidently! I have had my fair share with ordering from sketchy websites and having it not fit and going through all the hassle to return it. Forget about it. Too stressful. Online shopping should be done with a calm manor and relaxing. My tip is to ask around and get input about an online companies products. Read the reviews and descriptions also. And most importantly read the size chart and measure yourself. If you have never heard of or shopped at Tobi before I highly recommend it! Not only do they have amazing clothes but they constantly have sales! Your first order is 50% off when you sign up! You can never pass that up! I hope this has inspired you to do some shopping!



2 thoughts on “The Perfect T-Shirt Dress 

  1. brookstyleblog says:

    Honestly, I am more into going to the mall or other stores for my shopping; I just love that part of the experience! Even though I’m not really an online shopper I love the T-shirt dress you showed, and I may just have to order it. Thanks for your post!


    • fashionbuztaylor says:

      Yay I hope you do try this dress out! I know online shopping can be a bit difficult – you never know if what you order is what you’re really getting! But I got it from, which is a website I highly recommend, it is one of the best online based stores I use regularly.

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