Casual Friday 

Hello happy Friday! I have been so busy lately and not been able to post! But I’m back and so excited to share some of my new buys! Heads up to anyone seeking some direction for some new fall trends, look at TJMaxx! A lot of their Runway clothes have made the full transition to their fall season! I really emphasize shopping here because they have amazing brands for the best prices! (Coming up I am going to be doing a blog about buying a complete outfit for $50 at TJMaxx! Stay posted!)

I know the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day, but I could not resist! This off the shoulder white top is a must have!  

I paired this with an old pair of denim from American Eagle! When I don’t feel like dressing completely up I throw a top on with a pair of simple jeans! This look is so chic and easy especially on a Friday!
Pointed flats are a must have! If you do not have a pair I highly recommend you make your first purchase on one! They are so cute and surprisingly if you get the right size they do not hurt your feet! But it took me time to find pairs that worked! I bought this maroon pair at TJMaxx last year and they still are doing me proud by looking brand new! I own multiple pairs because you can wear it with almost any outfit! Flared high waisted pants, jeans, rompers, jumpsuits etc..

Now let’s talk bags! This new taupe colored shoulder bag is my new favorite! I instantly fell in love. It’s good to take a break from a huge tote bags once in a while! Once again I purchased this at TJMaxx! I guess you can say I’m a maxinesta! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! You can follow me on all my social media on the side bar to the left to keep updated!
Xo, Taylor 


6 thoughts on “Casual Friday 

  1. Jeanette Davis says:

    Great outfit, Taylor! You are doing a wonderful job with this blog….makes me want to go and get a few new outfits — keep up the good work and keep shopping. I was on Newbury Street last week and guess who I thought about? — I was just passing through went to the Boston Common to a prayer rally with Franklin Graham and walked around after— love you Netty

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