Fashion Taboo or To Do: Wearing Black and Brown Together

Wearing black and brown together are said to be a bit of a taboo. Which I do not agree with at all, I find that it works if you accessorize and pick the correct shades. To make your outfit look well planned, take into consideration planning before wearing.

My strategy of picking out an outfit is to “visualize my virtual closet”. Which prevents the chaos of your closet impelling all over your bedroom floor while finding something to wear. This shapes a constant routine and saves time when planning outfits.

Before piecing this outfit together I took into consideration the variety of shades for the simple colors black and brown. In my opinion in order for this combination to work, instead of a darker brown opt for a lighter shade. Such as camel, taupe, or nude.

Adding multiple pieces of the accent color — in this case brown — can add a sleek look to it. In this case I did not add another brown accessory in my outfit, but I added gold. This handbag has the gold woven-like strap that I matched with a chunky gold bracelet.

Multicolored pieces can be the best choice two. The essence of this is to incorporate both of the colors into an accessory that compliments them both.


Pants: Skinny black jeans- Similar here and here!


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