5 Must Have Fall Workout Pieces Under $70

Whoever said you can’t workout in style was seriously mistaken – you so can. Working out is so essential to me, and improves my days drastically! Even if I’m running around I try to squeeze in at least 30 minutes of doing a little something! Even if it is just walking my dog around the block, Its something! Now since fall/winter weather is approaching it is necessary to maintain a good workout routine with style; that won’t put a vast dent in your paycheck!

These white sneakers are my newest purchase! I have yet to own an all-white pair, but the time has now come!  I am very aware of my surroundings when I wear them because I do anything in my power to not get a speck of dirt on them! Sneakers are a key item in my workout attire, I love them. In my opinion they help give they help complete the outfit! I have recently been obsessed with Nike Rejuvenate Casual Shoe. They are the comfiest sneakers I have ever worn! I think it is because they do not have a tong: they are more of a slip on sneaker! I changed it up a little bit buy buying a different style: Nike Air Max. (Click here to shop; comes in multiple colors!)

As you can see I am very much into the white attire! This windbreaker is such a must have, I am obsessed with it. The weather has been dropping over night here in New England, yet it is still all over the place! The other day I got to try wearing it in humid weather. It is designed to make you feel cooler because of the material it is manufactured with! So it makes it such a better buy knowing that you can wear it in the upcoming seasons as well! I am a huge fan of wearing windbreakers while working out, because its in between a light shirt and a heavy sweater! It’s just perfect! (Click here to shop)

These Nike workout capris are around everywhere – yet I had such a hard time finding them to purchase! My sister has the exact same pair and I would always steal them from her drawer – isn’t that what sisters are for?! I finally found them and bought my own pair, I don’t know who was happier: my sister or me! I especially love them because they aren’t too short! I’m not a big fan of the uber-cropped yoga pants! (Uber meaning very; not the car company!) (Similar pair: Click here to shop; come in multiple colors!)

A good hat to workout in is essential! It is both stylish and such a plus to the outfit! I love it because sometimes I don’t feel like wearing a high-tight pony tail (they tend to give me headaches), so I throw on a hat! I can’t tell you how many times I have had to stop running or working out – to fix my hair! (Click here to shop )



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