Why Black on Black Is Always A Good Combo 

Last night I attend a fund raiser that was constructed through a dance competition: in which my cousin competed in, and won first place! The weather was rainy and a bit chilly, I felt as if this outfit fit the perfect occasion.

I pulled out my new black cozy poncho knit sweater, that obtains an amazing turtle neck to add that extra cozy feeling! Turtle necks are essential for fall and winter wardrobes.

How to choose between distressed jeans and regular? (Regular meaning there is no  distress added) This is a tough question that I seem to never know how to answer. But I have taken some time and notes about when I tend to lean towards one or the other. Last night I had it set in my mind that I was going to wear distressed jeans. I paired them together in my virtual closet, because I felt the two pieces complimented each other. I felt that if I paired this black knit poncho sweater with plain black jeans, there would be no wow to the outfit. Besides the shoes, of course we will talk shows in a bit!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

While I was piecing this outfit together I came to realization that I tend to wear my plain black jeans with more of a wow outfit, that has a lot more going on! Meaning that I dress the other pieces in the outfit up with accessories, and other colors etc.. And keep my jeans simple. And I tend to pull my distressed jeans out on days where I need the extra push for the outfit to be just right. In this case the black on black would have blended to easily together, also because the bag was black and I did not add any accessories besides a gold watch. But with the add of the distressed jeans, it balanced out perfectly.

These shoes I have featured on my Must Have Booties For Your Fall Wardrobe  a few days ago, I highly recommend these! I stood for a great amount of time last night and not once did I complain! While the block heals are making a huge statement in the top trends right now, I think we all need to appreciate them greatly. It is saving us so many feet-aches from uncomfortable heels! I say you take this opportunity and clicking here to shop the same pair of peep toe block heel booties, and click here to shop in other colors.

Xox, happy weekend everyone!


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