If You Haven’t Shopped Here, You’re Missing Out

Hello my lovely readers! Today I am doing a review on the dstore Primark! I went to the one on Summer St, in Boston, MA! Four floors of perfection! If you live around the area and have not been – then you seriously should block out a day to go. You’re missing out! When I think of this store the phrase shopping heaven comes to mind. If that does not make you run to this store than I don’t know what will!

This store is amazing, it is somewhat like Forever 21, but I think it is better! In my opinion some items from Forever 21 give off a cheap feeling! But not Primark! The material is so much better, and the prices are the same, if not better! They are low, low, low! I was surrounded by the softest sweaters, as low at $14! I was mind blown! In order to get a good cozy and comfy sweater, and one you really like, you may have to spend more than you bargained for. Not in this case, the sweaters I got are perfect lounge around one’s, perfect for sweater weather. The best type of weather!

Must Know Tips

When shopping in stores that you are not fully familiar with, the decision on what size to get may be tough. Taking a trip to the dressing room is key. Especially if you don’t live close by to the store, or if they have strange return policy you are not aware of! So my tip is to always go to the dressing room, and ask what the policy is for returns and exchanges, if they do not tell you at your checkout! It is so so helpful in the long run! And when going to the dressing room grab the size you think you are, and either one size up or below! It will help, and save time if one does not fit! Another tip is that this store may be very overwhelming! But it is totally worth a trip. Take your time are look all around, and have fun!

I have many more up coming blogs in store for you! Stay updated! I will be incorporating my pieces purchased yesterday from Primark in future posts, that I will refer back to this post!

Before shopping, the weather was perfect for a fun stroll at The Lawn on D in Boston! These swings are so much fun and surprise fly therapeutic!

Currently Wearing:
Ankle Length Cardigan | H&M

Black Lace Bralet | Brandy Melville

Skinny Distressed Jeans | Zara (similar)

Olive Ankle Booties | DSW

Tell me your favorite buys from Primark! What other locations have you been to?



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