All Black With A Hint Of Wool

Happy long weekend everyone!
I am up in Vermont! The best place to be, amazing foliage, the stars are beautiful and it’s always a fun time! Taking the chair lifts up the mountain are breathtaking! Yet, also a bit chilly which is where pulling out my new favorite cardigan comes in! Longer length cardigans are a must!! I mean who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing a gown/cape? This one I am wearing is from Primark; one of my buys from the other day! This piece was the most expensive, and it was only $22! $22 for a cozy wool cardigan! What more could you ask for?
When wearing this type of cardigan – gray – I prefer to style it with a darker color to balance out the two pieces. My take on this outfit is to incorporate two colors, black and gray. It could also be three, maroon, black and gray! I like to stick with neutral colors during Fall. The cardigan is the only gray garment, which I feel makes it the dominant color, and makes the whole it pop – so to speak.

 Say yes to the hat
We all have those days were our hair does not cooperate! And if not, you are the lucky one! This is when incorporating a hat comes into play! A floppy wool hat should be making an appearance into your fall and winter wardrobes as they have been trending vastly! They are perfect for the bad hair and add an edgier look! This hat maintains the balance of the color scheme, yet adds an extra accessory that completes the outfit – as I say. I paired this cozy outfit with black lace up flats that I have mentioned on my blog before! Over the knee boots would also suit this outfit – which gives off a chichi vibe. I hope you have an amazing long weekend, catch up on some sleep and more importantly shopping! The wool hat is on sale for less that $15!

 Black Floppy Wool Hat | H&M

Gray Wool Cardigan | Pimark



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