How To Pack For A Fall Weekend Get Away & How To Handal A Fashion Crisis 

I would describe myself as very organized. Yet, I tend to constantly forget things when I go away! I don’t know if this happens to anyone else – if not you have it together – but it is the worst.

This weekend, as I said in my last post, I am up in Vermont! Halfway through the three and a  half hour ride there, I remembered that all of the sweaters I packed hanging up in my closet!! I don’t know about anybody else but this feeling made my stomach drop! I had so many cute sweaters packed that I planned to blog about from up here, I began to think about all of the possible ways I could get these sweaters up to Vermont! It was making me angrier by the second. Thinking of those five lonely pairs of pants in my bag and my three pairs of booties, and I did not know what to do. Would I have to go to the local stores around the cottage? (Which were limited, and not like the local TJMaxx and Marshalls) Would I have to wear my workout clothes? Would I have to go to the local gift shop and get a T-shirt with a moose on it or some typo of logo? Oh no, these thoughts began to make me boil under the skin.

If you are fashion obsessed like me, you can feel my pain. I plan my outfits out weeks in advance! So for this to happen I was completely distraught. This incident could have ruined my whole weekend, but I decided to look at it glass half full, so it would not ruin my weekend.

What To Do If This Happens

Whoever you are traveling with, most likely packed multiple outfit choices, where they could lend you something. Ask around and explain what happened so then they know you’re in a fashion crisis!

I ended up asking my mom what she brought, along with my cousin! After all the complaining I did about forgetting my things, and searching for what to wear; I threw together a pretty fall fashionable outfit. In my opinion, I was very impressed with the pieces I had to work with, and how I made it work.

I wore my old dark wash denim with a pair of brown fringe booties! Then worn with my mom’s scarf that is oversized, therefore I made it into a sweater scarf! And for underneath, my cousin had a sweater that matched perfectly!

In the end, I had thrown together an amazing outfit that was perfect for the occasion! If this ever happens to you – which I hope it doesn’t – ask around, search in your bag to see what you’re working with, and finally realize it is only one weekend trip, there are many yet to come. So relax and in your style-making mind, you, yourself can piece together an amazing outfit!

How & What To Pack

When packing for a fall trip, my three things are sweaters, jeans, and booties. You can never go wrong with this combo. I always pack more outfits than needed. So I say to pack two different color/types of booties, with a few sweaters that match either one or both of the booties. For jeans, I go for a darker wash denim during the fall! I feel as if the darker colors make the outfit a bit more subtle which contrasts the weather during fall! Don’t get me wrong, I love light wash denim but for this trip I went with dark or even black! Also, you can never go wrong with scarfs! I live for them in the colder seasons! Not only do they make you cozier, they add an effortless accessory to the outfit that looks amazing!

Xx Taylor


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