Live In Neutrals

An essential must have for this fall and winter is a pair of over the knee boots. Buying a neutral color, such as taupe, supplies you with endless options for outfits. Pairing with a darker wash of jeans adds another complementary neutral element to the outfit all together. Once you have that down all there is left to do in order to complete the outfit is throw on a sweater of some sort, I mean doesn’t everybody love oversized sweaters! I bought these boots last fall season and I have got so much use out of them because they are a pair that can be worn year after year and still maintain that in-style look every shopper hopes for within their buys.

I chose to pair this outfit with my gray suede vest that is so comfy is makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket! This is such a must have because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re cuddled up in a fuzzy blanket? Having a neutral shaded vest makes those perfect crisp weather days so worth it because they’ll make any outfit feel a bit more put together – accessory wise!

This look is great for the current fall season, I am all about the grays and blacks (also their tints and shades). They are the classic go-to colors. Neutrals go with anything and are a building block for any wardrobe. Other great neutral shades for fall that should make an appearance in your closet are beige, taupe, light pink, grey, silver, white, caramel, and gold. With all these choices there are endless options for outfits that will work for you personally!

Xox, Taylor

Shop this look now:

Unisa Over the Knee Boots | DSW

Suede Vest | Velvet

Black Knit Sweater | Express | H&M

Dark Gray Wash Denim | Zara

Photographs | Sara Silva Digital Diaries 




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