About Me

Why Hello There

My names Taylor Cloonan. I am a fashion lover from right outside of Boston. After hundreds of outfits I finally started a fashion blog! I’m hoping to express my passion for fashion through my everyday life in pictures. I admires all fashion around me, and inquires them within building my own style. I hope you follow along and stay updated on this lovely journey of finding yourself through your own unique style.

How I Got Into Fashion

When I was a little girl my grandma bought me my first sketch book and set of pencils. She would give me her critique advice, that I still remember to this day. I had this big plan that when I grew up I would have a clothing line of my own, and she would be apart of it every step of the way. Unfortunately, she and I never will get to do that; she passed away when I was 11. But I still continue to follow my dreams, and my motivation to continue my passion for fashion is greater than ever. She always told me to “pursue my dreams”. I hope to succeed and make her proud.