About Me

Why Hello There

My names Taylor Cloonan, I am a fashion lover from right outside of Boston. I’m hoping to express my passion for fashion through my everyday life in pictures! I admire all fashion around me, and inquire them within building my own style. I hope you follow along and stay updated on this lovely journey of finding yourself through your own unique style.

How I Got Into Fashion

When I was a little girl, my grandma bought me my first sketch book and set of pencils. I had an obsession for shopping, passed down from generations, I’d say. She pushed me to do what I loved, and helped me with every part of it. I had this big plan that when I grew up I would have a clothing line of my own, and she would be apart of it every step of the way. Despite the fact that fashion was my sole aspiration and viewing goal, she was always right there along with it. I have worked, and will continue to work hard to prove to her my potential she believed in. Day to day her spirit continues to guide me towards my dreams, and my motivation to continue my passion for fashion is greater than ever. Her famous line was to “pursue my dreams”, and I hope to succeed and make her proud.