Top 10 Must Haves From Sephora

Trying to find makeup products that work for you personally can be very time consuming! I want to share some of my favorite products that makes getting ready easy and fast! I have searched and tested so many products from Sephora that I am a VIP member!! Below I will also share the links to buy these exact products that I highly recommend!

Face Primer:

No matter the time of day, before I apply anything on my face I use my face primer, by Two Faced. This just evens and smooths your face out! Also, on days where I am really running late – which happens often – I tend to just throw this on with bronzer! (It is a very minimal amount of coverage when worn alone)

Pore Primer:

Followed by something for my pores! This cream works amazing, it is make by Benefit! Lately I have only bought the smallest bottle, but they do have a bigger container!


I apply a very little amount before applying either foundation or BB cream! And then after I will apply more! (Under your eyes in the shape of an upside down triangle!)


I am not much of a foundation gal, I personally prefer BB cream! Especially during the summer or when on vacation, because it contains SPF15! But I wear it on special occasions, or if I want my makeup to last a little longer bit than the BB cream. This foundation though is the lightest I have ever bought before! I have tried so many, in order to find one I really liked!

BB Cream:

I love how quickly bb cream applies! Rather than foundation, where you have to make sure you blend it in all over! With bb cream, it matches your color tone, so there is not much work needed!

Setting Powder:

Setting powder sets all of the foundation and concealer into place!  I love the brand two Faced and think all of their products are amazing! But I especially love this powder! It works amazing!


You can never go wrong with a little bronzer to brighten your face up! I love this one made by nars! It is perfect to give your face a pop of natural pigment! Also,  lightly brush it around your neck and under your jaw to create a blend, so you don’t have a line!

All About The Lips:

Lips have become more and more of the in trend lately! Basing this off of “Kylie Jenner’s  lips”! Also her lip kit, which I have not tried yet but I have heard great reviews for! Any who, I am always hearing people say they want bigger and fuller lips, but not to the extreme where they get lip injections! I personally have small like lips, and using these 3 tools personally gives me the confidence about lips!

Lip Primer and Plumper:

I apply this first, you can wear it alone of under any other lip product! What this does is smoothens out the lips and makes them feel – more awake – in my words. It is water based, so that is why I described it as is!

Lip Liner:

I don’t use this every day, but for special occasions I do! My sister was the one who introduced me to it! I borrowed hers one day and fell in love! I instantly had to buy one for myself! I use the color ‘nude(ist)’! I highly recommend this one!

Polish Lip Pencil:

This is my favorite lip pencil/polish/ whatever you want to call it, all I can say is that it is AMAZING! This is one of the only items I have that is originally from mac! I use the shade ‘innocent’!


You can never forget about your eyes! They are essential and can make your whole routine put together! Applying mascara makes you face pop! Sadly I don’t have the longest and fullest lashes that I wish I did! But I use mascara made by Two Faced and they construct them into full and long lashes!

Shopping at Sephora is the best because you can try and test products and if they don’t work you can return them!

Buy my favorite Sephora products by clicking below!! Happy shopping!

xx Taylor

Face Primer | Two Faced

Pore Face Primer | Benefit

Undereye Concealer | Nars

Naked Skin Foundation | Urban Decay

BB Cream | Tarte

Setting Powder | Two Faced

Bronzer | Nars

Lip Primer and Plumper | Stila

Lip Liner | Marc Jacobs

Polish Lip Pencil | Mac (color ‘Innocent’)

Mascara | Two Faced