In a rush? 5 steps to simple curls!

I don’t know about you guys but I feel as I’m always rushing around when I get ready! Once I have my outfit on and make up done to the nines I look at my hair blankly in the mirror. I tend to forget about it because it’s whisked up away from my face. It happens to the best of us, where we don’t know where to even start or what to do. And since its summer you normally don’t want to be standing under a blazing hot iron forever! I usually curl my hair, I barely straighten it! I think curls are more fun and not every piece has to be perfect, unlike straightening you need to tackle every piece! So follow these 5 steps that will give you fabulous looking light curls in an easy 15 minutes!

Part your hair as you normally do

This allows you to see what has to be done and where you’re planning on starting. Also if you have wavy hair to begin with, like I do, you can do this in less time because some are already curly! Yay!

Begin light curls on the top pieces of your hair 

If you have longer hair this may not be so simple for you, but if you have a similar length to mine, it totally works. And from here I just eye the straight pieces and quickly toss them around the iron. If some on the bottom stick out to you because they’re so straight it’s totally fine to do those pieces too! I usually don’t spend a bunch of time on them because really no one sees them and doing layer by layer will take longer. But don’t get me wrong when I am going some where fancy I do layer by layer!


Now for my favorite part! I spray lightly with hairspray. Not a lot because in a few steps we’ll be going back to the iron, and hair sprayed hair does not curl to well! I then take a hair dressers clip and bunch together the hair above my forehead and puff/clip it. Then spray a little of hairspray on the poof of the hair, this allows a different angle to be hair sprayed. If you let your hair sit for 3-5 minutes while you finish getting ready, it creates some volume and some detentions in the front! If you tend to have flatter hair, it might be a good idea to use a little more hair spray and keep it in the clip for longer.


After that short period of time, I unclip the clip! Your hair will fall down but have volume in the bangs area. This now allows you to see what your final product is. So if you see any straight pieces, not curly enough pieces, curl them! 

Final Step

Now for the final hairspray! As you spray your hair both the bottom and top, depending on the type of hair spray you use, you may not like the texture it gives to your hair. This is where my favorite Shine Infusion by Chi comes in! I live for this and use it constantly! If you spray around your head it takes away – not completely – but some of that sticky/hard feeling to your hair! Also it adds some shine to it which is always a plus!

Now after following these 5 simple steps hopefully you’re on your way with pretty light curls that took you no longer that 15 minutes!

• Curling Iron: I use the Hot ToolsProfessional 1-1/4inch. I bought mine at UltaYet I use it like a wand. Meaning, I wrap prices of hair around it, instead of using the handle on it. This way it doesn’t give off the creases and dents in your hair like he handle does. •Hairspray: This is the best hairspray I’ve ever used! My favorite! It is available at Khols!

Tips For Every Shopaholic 

THE worst part about shopping (is there even a bad thing about it?) is not having enough space for your all clothes! Most people don’t have enormous walk in closets (even though we all wish we did). So here are some tips that will make do with the space you have! I am always organizing, but since I made these adjustments I have found that I don’t have to constantly re-organize. The best tip I have to give is to have all the same hangers. I read that in an article, and did not think it would make a difference, but it did! It looks so much neater and all put together. I bought all black suede ones from TJMaxx. They came in a pack of 25 for under $15. Another tip is to have some sort of shoe rack! Shoes everywhere on the floor of your closet do not look good. I personally like the hanging ones, because they barely take up any room and they hold a good amount! At Target they have a good variety of shoe racks to choose from. Also, color coordinating your clothes makes it so much easier to find things that you’re looking for! Not only color coordinating but grouping different types of clothes in their own sections. I usually hang up the clothes that are more prone to wrinkling and put the others in my dresser. Overall the biggest key of a shopaholics closet is to keep it organized! It will make everything easier and it will look better! I hope these tips are useful!

Black Suede hangers: TJMaxx (or Marshalls, Homegoods, Target etc..)

Hanging shoe rack: Target

Comfy & Cozy

There is nothing better than being in bed with your favorite books and coffee on a rainy day. The Lauren Conrad, Style book is a new buy and I have only read the first few chapters, but so far I love it. It includes many fashion tips that are must knows. This book in my opinion fits every one because it is a style guide which makes putting together outfits more easier and gives tips that will last a lifetime.  Making the Cut is a book written about teen girl who tries to make it into Project Runway. The book includes sketches along the process of making it into the show, which I love because it inspires me to do my own sketches. I do base some of my sketches on the ones in the book because they give me some lead way in the right direction. This book is apart of a series which I plan to progress into the other books. The People Style Watch, Your Ultimate Guide To Style is filled with images of celebrities and their fashion styles with the new it-trends. I love this book because it does not leave you wondering where to buy the top that you love and have always wanted, it tells you exactly where to buy it and the price!  And I think that it is so important because so many times you see something you love and have been looking for forever and you can never find it. But in this style guide you actually can!