Coffee Shop Date for One

Now a days you see almost everyone posting pictures daily in or of coffee shops. Cafes are evolving, by looks I mean. I live for finding new places to venture off to and to sit and admire. I love the people I meet, they are all so intriguing. The art inside most are exciting and eye drawing. But most importantly, the lattes. I am a chai latte enthusiast. I will never pass down an opportunity for a latte. On another note, I believe taking time for yourself, specifically in this type of environment  is crucial, its important to do things alone. I am a very independent person and will give you some key tips on how to add this into your life!

Bring a good book:

  • I love reading fashion and lifestyle based books.

Keep your agenda tighty:

  • I am an avid agenda-er, if that is even a word. Well I am making it one. I write everything down and do

Feed your soul with the latest fashion magazines:

  • Buy the Vogue, Glamour, Elle. I get a lot of my style and artsy inspo from all of my fashion subscriptions

Xox, Taylor